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Launched in , HwaHae is a Korean beauty “watchdog” app that puts the power back into the consumer's hands. (Think of it as a Korean. With the proliferation of interactive smartphone-based beauty apps in a Chinese smartphone-based photo-editing app that allows users to. •One of the BEST FREE photo editing apps in the world! •The most advanced way to make your photos more beautiful •The brilliant beauty app that is.

4 Aug - 12 min - Uploaded by iHasCupquake Beauty Apps are always so much fun! Today I wanted to try some beauty Apps from Asia.

Description. • “Best Photo Editing App on the market!” - CaprianaGrace + Beauty camera automatically adds a radiant complexion + Tap to remove blemishes.

A guide to the Asian selfie apps that make you look slimmer, fairer, and The so- called “awl-shaped face” is a new beauty trend in China, so I.

We asked BuzzFeed staff members to try out these three popular East Asian beauty apps and tell us whether they'd consider swapping their.

If anyone's into Asian cute photo editing apps, my favourite is LINE camera. .. This looks more like Meitu than Beauty cam.. not sure though.

NEW DELHI -- Originally targeting China's selfie lovers and users of cut-rate, no- frills smartphones, Chinese smartphone apps are gaining.

Famous luxury brands noticed the importance and the influence of beauty app on the Chinese younger generation. This is the reason why last. The "Intelli-beauty" effect in PhotoWonder. These apps, which are typically free, are wildly popular in Asia, whose selfie consumers may be. Snow is the Korean equivalent of Snapchat with a ton of animated You could say that this app is like your personal makeup artist on a phone.

When it comes to enhancing physical appearance, China is leading the way with beauty apps.

Since Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion, there is no question that photo apps are a hot business. In Asia, things are speeding up too. Young and affluent Chinese people are using various beauty camera apps to make themselves look attractive online amid the surge of social. You've probably heard of Meitu, a Chinese beauty filter app that has But people are moving on to their next beauty obsession — Pitu.

Selfie culture and its impact on beauty brands in Asia valuation for China's selfie-editing app Meitu, Asian selfie culture has spawned its own beauty industry .

These days, there's an app for everything. We live in an age where apps can deliver rides, groceries, dog walkers, and beauty experts to your. This Asian beauty app comes with a “whitening” feature – so you can significantly lighten your skin tone should you choose to do so. Available. “Selfies are part of Chinese culture now, and so is Meitu-editing Chen opened up the BeautyCam app and the words “Beauty Is Justice!.

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