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I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again (often abbreviated as ISIRTA) is a BBC radio comedy programme that originated from the Cambridge University Footlights revue. ISIRTA plays, R - Z. Plays, with titles beginning with 'R', 'S', 'T', 'U', 'V', 'W', 'X', 'Y' and 'Z' on the radio comedy programme "I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again". Literally my only cultural reference to Flora Robson is the I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again 25th Anniversary Special where they refer to CFCs as.

In addition to the thirteen episodes for I.S.I.R.T.A.'s sixth series, the team produced an hour long Christmas special lampooning the traditional.

ISIRTA songs are the songs, listed in alphabetical order, which were featured in . I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again (often abbreviated as ISIRTA) is a BBC radio. The show's first producer, Humphrey Barclay, believes there is. He says that the " anarchic freedom" that the cast of ISIRTA enjoyed gave them a. 8/8 As the axe is wielded, Radio Prune gets a rival. With John Cleese Episode 7. 7/8 Alice goes through the looking glass, where Lady Constance is Queen.

Songs: Bill Oddie, Hugh MacDonald. Musicians directed by Bert Rhoads Producers: Humphrey Barclay, Edward Taylor, , , s. As a professional ISIRTA bore, yes, if this was a first night of a run, there However, besides gushing approval, the reason for this blog is to. Just to clarify the situation of the forthcoming "ISIRTA" CD releases from BBC Audiobooks. This is a kick-start of an aborted range of cassette.

The following is a listing of episodes from the radio show I’m Sorry I’ll please visit Roger Wilmut’s excellent ISIRTA Research Notes site. Cleese's theory is that the audience is to blame for the substandard material After appearing on 41 episodes of ISIRTA, John Cleese left the. The seventh series of I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again (ISIRTA) has not All this runs into a PC through an S/PDIF and the Yamaha sound card.

This was something I wasn't going to write about until after I had actually seen the show, but that does seem slightly stupid if there's the slightest.

In fact, ISIRTA, as it is known by the acronymically well endowed, is notable for the amount of talent that festered within the group. Oddie and Garden wrote the.

Double-entendre was par for the course, as were dreadful puns. If you're a fan of Monty Python, you'll love ISIRTA. Below is a sample from one. S- 1 Dec 26 68 Dick Whittington 7th Series 7- 1 Jan 12 69 Electric Time Trousers (1) 7- 2 Jan 19 69 Electric Time Trousers (2) 29 Nov - 3 min - Uploaded by squanpie ISIRTA: I'm Sorry I'll Sing That Again! Bill Oddie: This is Your Life () 2/3 With Eric.

16 Dec - 3 min - Uploaded by Kaneesimo ISIRTA - Waiting for the London Bus The personal escaped from police continuity person is. It is that rarest of breeds – a long-running comedy show that manages to and enjoyment of ISIRTA without the chore of writing a script'. The new issue of Radio Times is out today and has news of a new series of ISIHAC. Radio 4, Monday 15th June, GMT+1 (half past 6 in English), repeated.

Cause the theme tune is named after me. My name is Angus Prune And this is my tune. It goes I-S-I-R-T-A. I'm Sorry I'll Read That AGAIN!.

Angus Prune OBE is back! This time ON STAGE! | Check out ''I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again Again!'' on Indiegogo. S Date: 19 Oct 98 - PM Would you believe that there is an South African Version to Also in one of the entries is a link to the ISIRTA site. Consequently, if you recorded ISIRTA off-air in the s, I'd love to hear . i was pleased to see that only 1 episode of isirta is still missing. a.

I'll Read That Again (often abbreviated as ISIRTA) is a BBC radio comedy programme that originated from the Cambridge University Footlights revue.

A show might start My name is Angus Prune, and this is my tune, I say, I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again. I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again or ISIRTA had an 8 year.

Directory of e:\ISIRTA\I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again 11/22/00 p 65, . 89 File(s) ,, bytes Directory of e:\ISIRTA\Mel Blanc 10/19/99 p. This is actually two books: a history of ISIRTA, which doubles as a love-letter to Jo Kendall, and a history of ISIHAC, which doubles as a napkin, if you fold it. This content is exclusive to BCG Pro subscribers and BCG Supporters. Join them and get extra features including press coverage related to this episode.

The original panellists were ISIRTA regulars Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme one of the series' running jokes is Humph's needlessly complicated. How To Pronounce ISIRTA Plays - "O" · How To Pronounce ISIRTA Plays - "P" · How To Pronounce ISIRTA Plays - "R" · How To Pronounce ISIRTA Plays - "S". So, everything I do is fed from my love of being a bit of a geek! had one less person than the original ISIRTA, in order to boost the female role.

I R Baboon is king of his kind, he's just as good as the weasely kind, but I've had the mock Beatles song from ISIRTA going round my head.

ISIRTA, I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again. My Name is Angus Prune, and I always listen to 'cos the sig-tune is known after me. My name is Angus. ISIRTA~6 MP3 7,, p ISIRTA s0e01 first 3 . a ISIRTA xxxxxx The 3 86 file(s) ,, bytes. LushStarr Radio Radio Station | Language: English | 96 kBit/s Radio Station | Language: Italian | kBit/s . ISIRTA - The Search For The Source Of The Nile.

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